We offer bank statement services using Sponsors (Individuals and Corporate Organizations).The service involves using a bank statement that belongs to another bank account holder with his or her consent (we handle all that is involved).

There are two types of Sponsor bank statement service: 

    1. Corporate Sponsorship: This involves an organization standing in as a sponsor and an employer for an applicant. Company bank statement and employment documents will be provided by the company sponsoring the applicant. With this package, evidence of employment, letter of sponsorship and bank statement with N20m closing balance is provided for the applicant.
    2. Personal Sponsorship: This involves an Individual standing in as a sponsor for an applicant. The individual will provide his/her bank statement with required closing balance and also a signed letter of sponsorship stating the details of the Sponsorship and his or her relationship to the applicant.
      Service fee for the bank statement service is based on the closing balance required. Additional documents that Sponsors can provide (additional fee applies)

*Company registration certificate (Corporate Sponsorship)

*Letter of reference from bank

*Valid ID of Personal Sponsor/Company Director

*My bank statement ticket ID for Canada applicants

*Custom request can be made for increase in closing balance.

We also offer Poland credit card certificate using sponsors.